A beautifully decorated cup of coffee with a foam leaf.


You know that moment? The moment you try a new coffee shop and your first sip of coffee tastes like disappointment and regret? We hate it too. That’s why, at Grapes & Grinds, we pay attention to every single detail necessary to deliver you the best espresso beverages to be found in the Black Hills! From making sure our grinders are micro-calibrated as they fresh grind espresso for each drink, to aerating the milk with just enough air to produce luxurious and velvety-sweet steamed milk, we feel the only coffee worth serving you is a coffee we’d make for ourselves – and we’re pretty serious coffee drinkers! Brewed to the "Gold Cup Standard" established by the Specialty Coffee Association, our fresh-roasted coffee is provided by our friends just down the road at Dark Canyon Coffee Co. So come to Keystone, SD and check us out! We’d love to meet you and prepare you a coffee that will knock your socks off!